The Boys Are Back In Town

neville sherriff novelYou can read the first 3 chapters here.

When Byron sells his business and takes early retirement, a short visit to his wealthy brother in a glamorous seaside resort sounds like just the thing before coming to terms with his new status. Little does he know that it’s the visit itself and the involvement of family, women, cats and dogs, which determines the direction that his new life will take.

After just a few days of retirement, Byron realises that he’s struggling to adapt to his new lifestyle. He’s at a loose end, not knowing what to do with himself all day long. So when his younger brother, Sam, invites him to visit, he decides the break can help him come to terms with the changes that now challenge him.

At first it appears he might have made a mistake, for Byron is confronted by the very different lifestyle his brother leads. Endless parties, hordes of friends – including some who are far to delectable for comfort – and even a visit by their cantankerous father. It all seems too much for him to handle.

But, like a school leaver adapting to adulthood, Byron realises that these new experiences are slowly revealing what he really wants – and needs – from his new life.

The Boys Are Back In Town is available as a Kindle book.

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