Whale Watching Guide

whale watching guideLiving in a town regarded by experts as the “best land based whale watching spot in the world” has imbued in me not only a never-ending sense of awe whenever the whales are about, but an awareness – often sad – of  how many opportunities of wonderment are lost because of a lack of information, planning, and especially PATIENCE.

Far too many tourists – both local and foreign – seem to think these amazing mammals are there at their beck and call. And that a quick glance at the ocean should reveal them in vast numbers. And that if it’s windy or there’s a spot of rain whale watching won’t be on the agenda. And that a mild day on shore means it’s equally mild out at sea, so they spend more time complaining about their discomfort on board a whale watching boat than on the actual trip itself.

Ignoring things such as the time it takes to get to the boat departure points, or the schedule of ferries, can ruin what at the start seemed like a great, fun outing.

So, this is what this guide tries to provide the reader intent on watching whales while on vacation: simple, practical tips which can help smooth the way for an unforgettable experience.

Included in this guide is information on:

  • the types of whales one is most likely to encounter when whale watching
  • what various whale movements and actions mean
  • what needs to be considered when considering a boat based whale watching trip
  • tips for watching whales from shore.

I am by no means a whale expert, and that is not the point of this guide. The average whale watchers have no desire to learn all the technicalities – they merely want to make the most of what is happening “out there” so that they can enjoy what is for many a once in a lifetime experience.

Being prepared with  the basics helps ensure that’s the case.  Whale Watching Guide is available as a Kindle publication.

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