Walking The Wall In Spaghettiville

neville sherriff novelBarnes said, ‘This place might not be big, but it’s sure stretched out.’

Polla grinned. ‘A real spaghetti town … it’s strung out, and wherever you want to be is always at the other end. I just hope there’re some saucy bits in between.’


Coburn Kenlin is still trying to come to terms with his divorce, as well as adjusting to the new environment he moved to. Gone are the big city ways and the material security provided by a high-paying position in an advertising company. In its place is rented accommodation in a tiny hamlet at the coast, from where he is struggling to make a living as a marketing consultant to businesses in the nearby town.

Added to these challenges is the looming visit of his teenage son for the school vacation, as relations between father and son have been virtually non-existent for some years. Unbeknown to Coburn is the fact that his own father, with whom he had himself suffered a similar situation, is about to make his appearance and unsettle what little routine and calm he enjoys.

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Then there are the 2 bumbling private investigators in whose investigation he unwittingly becomes embroiled because of his growing affection for a pretty journalist on the local newspaper. And a story-telling painting adorning the wall of his home.

All these elements move the characters forward on a funny yet gentle journey of self discovery, coming of age, and ultimate reconciliation.

Walking the wall in Spaghettiville is available as a Kindle book.

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